TOSHIBA Satellite L675d Series Keyboard

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TOSHIBA Satellite L675D Keyboard

TOSHIBA Satellite L675D Keyboard Fits Parts NO. NSK-TN0SC TOSHIBA Satellite L675D Keyboard Fit Laptop Model. Satellite C650 Satellite C650-01T Satellite C650-101 Satellite C650-10W Satellite C650-110 Satellite C650-124 Satellite C650-13G Satellite C650-144 Satellite C650-149 Satellite C650-14U Satellite C650-14X Satellite C650-152 Satellite C650-154 Satellite C650-15C Satellite C650-15U Satellite C650-15V Satellite C650-15W Satellite C650-15X Satellite C650-15Z Satellite C650-160 Satellite C650-166 Satellite C650-17N Satellite C650-17Z Satellite C650-182 Satellite C650-191 Satellite C650-194 Satellite C650-19J Satellite C650-19T Satellite C650-1CC Satellite C..